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​What is Tai Chi
Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chuan, Taijiquan... Which is it?

All name forms of the art is correct. Taijiquan, translated as Grand Ultimate Fist, can also be called Yin-Yang Boxing. Taiji refers to the balance, interaction, and interdependence of Yin and Yang in the Universe. Quan means fist, or boxing, and is used to refer to anyof the hundreds of Chinese Martial Arts.

Tai Chi Chuan is an older but more commonly known spelling for Taijiquan.

Taiji or (Tai Chi) is the term typically used when we refer to the health benefits and/or philosophy rather than the martial art aspect of the whole Taijiquan.


Mind and body in harmony in the tune with the natural order of things is the core of Tai Chi. By practicing this in everyday life, one can harmonize their internal energy, thus finding inner peace and connect themselves to the Universe.

The philosophy applied to fighting (external martial arts) results in moving WITH the opposing force until it has become exhausted. Using direct resistance would prolong the conflict, and exhaust the defender, giving the attacker additional opportunities to harm.

Influenced by the therory of Yin and Yang (The Original Principle-- Natual balance in all things, a Taoist practice)

Stillness and Movement

Advancing and Retreating

Inhaling and Exhaling

Sunrise and Sunset...


There is a long list of benefits for practicing Tai Chi including, improved balance, cognitive function, lowered blood pressure, and increased lung capacity. These are only a few. Below is a link to credible articles that explain more benefits of this healing exercise.

Dr. Axe 6 Reasons to Try Tai Chi

How Tai Chi Makes you Stronger

Harvard Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Current Classes


Center yourself as you become aware
of your own energy, while strengthening your body without injury or strain. Focus is on the internal aspects and health benefits of Tai Chi while learning the simplified Yang Style 24 Form. Each class will work on a section of the form and conclude with practice of the entire 24 postures.

Regardless of Experience, this class is for anyone starting to learn Tai Chi or wanting to improve their form.

Tuesdays 10:00 am

$20 walk-in / 4 consecutive classes for $75

Vargo's Dance

205 W. State Street, Geneva, IL 60134

Register by calling Kristi:


Improve balance, coordination, and flexibility while learning 
the gentle flowing moves of Tai Chi. Class focuses on healthy breathing, relaxing, and strengthening your body without injury or strain. Perfect for beginners or all experience levels. Adults of any age.


Mondays 9:30 am

Waterford Place Cancer Resource Facility
1310 Waterford Dr. Aurora, IL 60504

Register: Contact WPCRC  


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