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The 10 Healthy Breaths Exercise

To breath consciously and efficiently is a challenge. It is something we take for granted since it is an automatic function of our bodies. When I ask my students if they are breathing, it is often met with laughter. But check next time you are learning or concentrating; are you holding your breath? Mostly likely, the answer is yes.

Deep, conscious breathing is accomplished by expanding the belly/diaphragm. Start with inhaling through the nose and pull the air down to the base of your spine. We know that the air is not going to that location, but the visualization and intent will trick our lungs to fully expand. Then slowly deflate the belly by blowing the air out through a small opening at your mouth. (look up diaphragmatic breathing)

Taken from the 8 healthy breaths exercise passed down from my Shifu, I have created a modified version which includes 10 breaths. (5 inhales and 5 exhales with words and movement.) - To start you may simply raise arms in front on the inhale and then let them float down on the exhale.

Using the technique explained above, begin with:

(2 x)

Twin Dragons rise from the Sea (inhale)

Two Tigers go in to hiding (exhale)

Arrows shoot to Heaven (inhale)

Find the palace beneath the sea (exhale)

Lift the moon (inhale)

Return it to the stars (exhale)

Arms fall to earth (inhale)

Hug a tree (exhale)

Lift a baby goat* conveniently (inhale)

Set him down gently (exhale)

(1 x with Reiki Daily Principles - Mikao Usui)

Just for today (inhale)

I release all anger (exhale)

Just for today (inhale)

I release all worry (exhale)

Just for today (inhale)

I count my many blessings (exhale)

Just for today (inhale)

I work honestly and expand my consciousness

Just for today (inhale)

I treat all living beings with kindness (exhale)

* who doesn't love a baby goat

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