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Following my dreams

The seed of becoming a published author was planted at a very young age
by trips to the library with my mother. When she passed away in 2017, I found the 
short stories I wrote and illustrated amongst her items. In 2019, I started to work toward growing that seed into something fruitful. 

Books & Journals

Write to Release
A Journal for Honoring Your Emotions

Inspired by the music of her youth, Kristi presents a prompted journal encouraging you to feel and release what is no longer serving you. "Music is emotion, a perfect avenue for expressing oneself." Using QR codes, Kristi leads the user to listen and read the lyrics to the songs that have helped her in her journey.


Make a playlist and begin your own path of release, allowing room for better things to come.

Want to learn how to journal? Contact Kristi about hosting a workshop!

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Full Moon Release Journal


The Full Moon is the perfect time to release your unwanted energies, feelings, thoughts. Let the prompts in this journal inspire you to write and let go of what is no longer serving you! And make room for better things to come.


12 full moons plus a bonus Blue Moon. Complete with monthly self-care tips and suggested crystals to use while you journal and let go.

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Get in Touch

Contact For more information or to book for events contact Kristi.


ph: 630-309-8459

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