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The balance between the mind and body and the vibration of the spirit work together to create optimum health.  Let Studio Chi help balance your life, whether it's through Reiki Sessions, Tai Chi Classes, Meditative Workshops, or Books & Journals. Find your center, find your peace.

Need to relax or destress? Learn about how a Reiki Session can help you clear your energy and get your chakras balanced again, allowing for fluid movement in your energetic system
Hoping to improve your balance, get your chi flowing, learn a new skill and connect your mind, body, and soul? Find about how Tai Chi can help with all three and more! 
Want to add a meditative workshop or demo to your event? Ask me about "Write to Release", "Attitude
Gratitude Manifest!" or enhancing your Reiki Practice with Tai Chi& Qi Gong.

What Is Chi?
This life energy goes by many names: Qi in China, Ki in Japan, Prana in India, and Chi here in the western world. It has also been called orgone energy, elan vital, and is referred as biofield energy by the science community.

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