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Author, Designer, Music Lover


Kristi Niedzwiecki

Image by Jr Korpa

New Release

Write to Release
A Journal for Honoring Your Emotions

Inspired by the music of her youth, Kristi presents a prompted journal encouraging you to feel and release what is no longer serving you. "Music is emotion, a perfect avenue for expressing oneself." Using QR codes, Kristi leads the user to listen and read the lyrics to the songs that have helped her in her journey.


Make a playlist and begin your own path of release, allowing room for better things to come.

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About Kristi Niedzwiecki

Whether it's writing, designing, playing music, Kristi is happiest when she lets her creativity flow. "Do the thing!" is her mantra and she credits this to the many years she spent as an Energy Therapist/Trained Reiki Master and Tai Chi Instructor (which she continues to do) Like her father before her, Kristi wears many hats and enjoys using her many talents to help others. She lives in a small Chicago suburb with her husband, two sons and pup princess Raquel.

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