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Going to the Library

One of my favorite memories as a child, is going to the library with my mom. It was close enough to our house that we would walk there. 

News & Events

New Journal is Live!

Full Moon Release Journal is now on amazon. Check it out!

Another Journal and a book

My next ​journal is in the works with a focus on Reiki. Check back for launch date.

Inspired by my Italian Heritage, a new novel is in it's beginning stages. If you love family drama, historical fiction, with a bit of a mafia theme - then you'll want to put this on your to read list!

Custom Wood Designs

Red Bear Wood Designs, owned by Scott Niedzwiecki is now taking custom orders. Kristi is currently working on Red Bear's marketing and website. Stay tuned for url. Until then you can find Red Bear on Facebook

Get in Touch

Contact For more information or to book for events contact Kristi.


ph: 630-309-8459

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