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Meet Kristi Niedzwiecki
Tai Chi Instructor, Reiki Master, Workshop Leader

As a certified fitness instructor, I have been teaching classes for 15 years. My journey started in aquatic fitness where
I was led to teach a mind-body water class. From there I began to learn Tai Chi and am well into my 8th year of teaching this beautiful moving meditation exercise which has so many benefits for everyone. My Tai Chi training is with Shifu David Carr of Quiet Dragons. Tai Chi is wonderful for balance, energetic, spiritual and physical.

I have been a practicing Reiki Master for 10 years and have taught all levels of Usui Reiki. I am currently not teaching
at his time but still offer Reiki sessions. Learn more about Reiki as a way to clear your energy and supplement your health routine.

Along with energy work I offer meditative workshops that can help you manifest your dreams, teach you how to release unwanted energy through journaling, and enhance your own energy healing practice.

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Please contact me if interested in:

Presenting a specialized Tai Chi session

Offering a Law of Attraction Class

Adding Reiki service to your business

Small group reiki


Contact me at: 630-309-8459,

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